When you cross the threshold of our restaurant, you will find yourself in the charming fairy Scheherazade tale, feel the atmosphere of hospitality and affability of Romana Metelskoho, easten beauty, dance champion of Ukraine, Helen Levitsky, gay musicians, professional staff.


Its name covered ancient legend of the unhappy love Princess Io to Jupiter, which he transformed into a white cow. Wretched Io, ran the blue vortex channel that is still called the Bosphorus or Mad Brody. Bosporus - a strait between Europe and Asia Minor.

Bosporus and more than a nice restaurant. It is the perfect place to stay, easy dialogue and vivid impressions.

Gorgeous and stylish interior simultaneously joyous and free atmosphere, where you want to relax. Room space is divided into two parts. For pleasant conversations and a romantic dinner. Every visitor to find your İstanbul from a good rest.


The menu combines the best traditions of Turkish and European cuisine. You will amaze variety of dishes and reasonable prices menu.

Bosporus - a perfect place for business meetings and romantic, private parties, presentations and celebrations. Spacious rooms, high level of service and excellent banquet menu - it is not a complete list of ingredients that we use for making unforgettable holiday.

We love our customers and do our best to visit the Bosporus for the first time, you become our regular guest.

One of the best restaurants and first in Lviv and the Turkish boil and its fine cuisine.

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